Over the past few months, the price performance of meme tokens have outshone a lot of coins and most ordinary investors and newbies who were lucky to get into these coins made more gains than most people who followed some blue chips with use cases. There's been a lot of success stories this year in which some new investors with little to no knowledge in cryptocurrency investing made a lot of gains just by jumping into some of these tokens. Most of them are created as pumps and dumps and late investors find themselves stuck with worthless coins. In a cryptocurrency world full of uncertainties, it is difficult to keep track of new tokens in order to capitalize on their massive gains and this is where Cag3 comes in with its MMI. MMI is an index of meme tokens that seeks to capitalize on the massive upside potential of top meme tokens to bring higher economic rewards to investors and holders. Meme tokens are not going away, they are here to stay and we are here to stay with them.
Last modified 1yr ago