What is C4GE?
C4G3 is the meme spelling for the word CAGE which simply refers to confining things in an enclosed area. In our own definition, C4G3 is used to represent the combining of top assets to generate high economic rewards.
What is C4G3 token?
C4G3 token is a decentralized ERC-20 utility token that governs the C4G3 ecosystem and plays a major role in the C4G3 Meme Index.
What is the maximum supply of C4G3 token?
The maximum of C4G3 token is 1 trillion
What is C4G3 Meme Index (CMI)?
This is the name of the index pool that tracks the performance of assets.
What is C4G3 Meme Index Token (CMI)?
CMI is a ERC-20 token that represents the C4G3 Meme Index. CMI can be traded and also be minted until the maximum cap is reached.
What is the maximum supply of CMIT? The maximum supply of CMI token designed by the team is 500,000.
How many tokens does this ecosystem have? There are 2 different tokens. One is C4G3 token which is the utility and governance token and the other one is the C4G3 Index token which tracks the performance of the asset in the pool. The CMI will be backed by the tokens it tracks, that is to say, CMI can only come into circulation by being minted by one or multiple of the assets it tracks. No new CMI can ever be minted after the maximum cap is reached.
Why should I buy C4G3 and CMI? C4G3 can be used to govern the platform, participate in any future events and CMI gives holders exposure to the index pool.
What are the current tokens that make up the C4G3 Meme Index? -C4G3 token - DOGECOIN - SHIBA INU - DOGELON - USDC
How do I buy C4G3 tokens? You can purchase on Uniswap or other exchanges.
How do I get CMI? Before the maximum supply is reached, you can get CMI in two ways: 1- By minting with the single-asset pool or multiple asset pool 2- By buying on an exchange After the maximum cap is reached, you can only get it with option 2.
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