Cage Meme Index (CMI): This will be the first use case or product of the CAGE ecosystem. C4G3 is the governance token that will be used to govern the CMI protocol. The Meme Index(CMI) is a digital asset or token designed to track the performance of five tokens; four top meme tokens and a stablecoin. Our Meme token, C4G3, brings together top meme tokens into the CMI to generate a lot of benefits for C4G3 holders by tracking performance of top meme tokens in the Cryptocurrency and Decentralized finance ecosystem. CMI will track meme token projects that have good long-term goals and show a commitment to ongoing maintenance and development. C4G3 holders are owners of the protocol. CAGE Meme Token Index Suite (CMI): - C4G3 - DOGECOIN - SHIBA INU - DOGELON - USDC Users can acquire CMI token by one of the following: - Open Market: Purchasing directly on different available exchanges like Uniswap etc. - Minting: (By manually depositing the underlying assets to receive MMI token either by using the single or multi-asset option.
The Meme Index is governed by C4G3 token. Basically, C4G3 token holders will be able to create and vote on proposals in the community. C4G3 aims to be the Meme token around which most memes revolve to generate high economic productivity for the ecosystem.