C4G3 stands quite apart and goes against the grain of typical meme tokens. It has a fixed supply and no transaction tax, C4G3 is not deflationary. The transaction taxes on most recent coins have been outrageous and even though C4G3 aspires to stand together with selected top meme tokens, the C4G3 token by design doesn't follow the current and common trend. C4G3 is the utility and governance token for a Meme Index protocol that is an equally-weighted index token of top and tradable meme tokens. C4G3 is at the core of the ecosystem. The token plays an important role in the ecosystem and inarguably among top meme tokens.
Name: CAGE Type: ERC-20 Ticker: C4G3 Decimal: 18 Total Supply: 100,000,000. (100%)
SEED: $60,000 Allocation: 40M Price: $0.0015 Token Vesting Schedule: 30% TGE, 10% Linear release for 7 months.
Public Sale: $90,000 Allocation: 30M Price: $0.003 Token Vesting Schedule: Full release on TGE.
Total C4G3 Sale: 70M Total Raise: $150,000 C4G3 Liquidity (Exchange): $54,000 / 12M C4G3 Price: $0.0045 Marketing: $24,000 Team & Development: 18,000,000 Token Vesting Schedule: 45% TGE, 10% Linear release for 7 months. Index asset liquidity: $32,000 CMI Listing: $40,000 CMI Listing Price: $1 INITIAL MC OF C4G3: $279,000.