Dogecoin was created in 2013 as a way to satirize the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies and as a sarcastic meme. During the 2017 cryptocurrency bubble, Dogecoin recorded one of the biggest gains during the run. This meme coin has over the years gathered a strong community around it and in 2019, the community voted Elon Musk as the CEO which he also accepted. In 2020, Elon Musk began to talk more about Dogecoin and it wouldn't end there, he went on the SNL show to still talk about it. This kind of recognition resulted in other meme coins getting launched, you can talk about the likes of Shiba Inu, FEG, Akita etc which have all outperformed a lot of coins. The C4G3 team also believe that one of the best marketing tools is using memes; few words speak a lot with memes. We can build real solid products with a meme(s) at the core. The cryptocurrency space is maturing and evolving with time. While most projects are doing their part to help the space, we also believe we can create and increase economic activities with the launch of CAGE MEME INDEX.
Last modified 1yr ago